Art is a lie that reveals the truth.”

― Pablo Picasso

Dignity Cambodia is an ongoing creative Project using ART as a vehicle to reveal truth, raise awareness and hopefully create new perspectives on the topic of gender within the mindsets of people.

In collaboration with the local human rights organization NGO-CEDAW, artists are encouraged to create projects which aim to bring awareness about the difficulties many Cambodian ‘surviving victims’ endure and the Cambodian laws which lack to protect them from harm.

The Dignity Project started in 2015 with its first series by German artist Mona Simon,  portraying survivors of domestic violence in a positive and uplifting way, the aim was not to depict the participating woman as victims, but to create an image of them and FOR them in a dignified, strong and beautiful way, hoping these reflections may help them and others to acknowledge their truth as survivors. Mona Simon strongly believes in the impact art can have to inspire new ways of thinking.

In 2016 for the second year, the Dignity Project commissioned local artists to use their tools and imagination, their talents and ideas to create a piece of work as a reflection on the topic of dignity. The artists created or continued an individual project, giving them the freedom and us the chance to become inspired through their talented perspectives on gender-based violence and the value of human dignity.

The Dignity Project  is part of NGO-CEDAW’s ongoing efforts to update the Cambodian law on domestic violence and establish more awareness and better protection for all people affected by gender-based violence.

If you have questions, ideas or would like to contribute or collaborate, please contact NGO Cedaw: ngocedaw.pnh(@)gmail.com